A Word.

I’ve been coming across a few people in the past few days that actively avoid roller coasters.  The last encounter with this type of person was when I was about to watch the last Harry Potter installment with my co-worker, Mikey.  I told him that on my one day off this week, I would love to go on the wooden roller coaster I’d seen off the side of I-95 up near Hollywood, Florida when he informed me that he gets nauseous on coasters and can’t stand them.  I was floored.  It was worse than him telling me he was a fan of Sarah Palin (which he did a few months earlier).   Never will I understand this point of view (both of them for that matter).  I have never once gotten off a roller coaster and felt the oncomings of nausea.  I absolutely understand the fear of roller coasters, the fear of heights, the fear of the train disconnecting from the track, but you get SICK?  I don’t buy it.  Man up, get a steel stomach, and enjoy the flight.  I’m probably being ridiculous and just choosing not to understand, but this is one argument I feel like I can win.  Roller coasters are designed to be smooth riding and having your body work with the centrifugal force, although some don’t pull it off as flawlessly as others.  I just want people to enjoy it as much as I do, I reckon.


What are your thoughts?  Do you buy this malarkey?


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Coaster enthusiast, critic and devotee.
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