Steel Force

Huge.  Can I just end this post there?  Steel Force is in Dorney Park (Allentown, PA).   It has been with Dorney Park since 1997, and is an absolute staple.  You can’t really skip it when you go to the park.  This big, ominous, steel structure just pulls you in begging you to ride it.

No, seriously.

When I first went on Steel Force, I was pretty intimidated.  I mean, this thing is beyond enormous.  The first drop is 205 feet. JEEEEZ.   The track may look tame with just a bunch of airtime hills, but it’s the longest coaster on the East Coast to this day at 5,600 feet long.  Plus, the logo for the coaster is pretty creepy.

The dude who trained the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

Traditional train, with a standard lap-bar seating two across.  Standard for Dorney Park.  After taking 70 years to get to the top of the lifthill, your heart starts pounding.  How are you going to survive this drop?  Riders experience 2.5 G’s just from this one drop.  While sitting in the front row (as you always should)  looking down the hill, there’s a tunnel you have to go through.  How the heck are you NOT going to get your head chopped off?  In fact, thinking back, there were numerous times I was in fear of decapitation on Steel Force.  After two huge lifts and drops, you go through a 510 degree helix turn which just means you’re turning right for what feels like an eternity and you’re being slammed into the person next to you.  LOVE IT.  After the helix, you go through a bunch of little airtime hills which are just hills flying up and down with no need for a lifthill, you know.  The hills that give you the willies.  HEH.  And then the ride is done.  I think the best part may be looking at it from the ground and seeing the true size of it.  I don’t know what’s more intimidating, being on the top of the hill about to fly to the ground or looking at it from the ground realizing you’ll be up there soon.

This POV doesn’t even bother filming the lifthill.  It’d just take eons.


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