Superman: Ultimate Flight

Being that it’s the 4th of July, I decided to go with an amazing, all-American coaster.  This roller coaster absolutely blew me away.  It may be my favorite behind my all-timer, which I am saving for a special day to chat about.  I’m sure everyone’s heard about Superman.  The technology alone is mind-blowing.


My friend, Steve, came to visit me in Chicago last year and we saved this coaster for the very last.  Best decision ever.  Superman is a suspended coaster where the entire train flips up sitting the passengers parallel to the ground. Now, I’ve had an experience with this type of coaster technology before in Canada’s Wonderland on “Time Warp”.  I was so excited for that coaster because I had never ridden that type of train before and let me tell you, it was a horrendous experience.  My head was thrashing around the harness, my arms got chewed up by the arm rests.  It was pretty terrible.  Superman, on the other hand, is a work of masterful genius.   The waiting line for this ride is also pretty educational.  There are plaques talking about all the superman characters, starting with all the villains, their specs and then the GOOD guys. Supergirl, and some kid.  Superkid?  Sure.

Let’s talk harnesses.

Are you seeing that?

The harness is made up of three parts.  A relatively soft foam over the shoulder harness is the first, then a lap bar and then ankle braces.  You sit down, strap in and before leaving the loading platform, the coaster flips you up to a horizontal “flying” position.  Climbing up the lifthill, Steve and I were freeeeeaking out.  I mean, this is the POINT of riding roller coasters; to feel like you’re flying with ease through some sort of obstacle course of turns.  This coaster achieves that with no effort.  It is absolutely imperative that you sit in the front row for this.  It’s always important to sit in the front in my opinion any way, but being able to fully immerse yourself in this flying experience will make your mind explode.

So up the lifthill you go, heart pounding.  Take your first plunge flying over the waiting line you curve OVER into a FRONT loop. WHAT!? YES. It is absolutely amazing and feels slightly wrong because you’ve never experienced it before.  Make a few switchbacks like Superman would, with the track feeling like it’s been lubed with butter spray and into a corkscrew that lets you out into the brake run.  Yes, the track seems pretty short, but Iguarantee you, it will boggle your mind.  I’ve never felt like I was flying so much on a roller coaster than on Superman.  We left feeling like we had a completely successful day at Great America.

So good:


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2 Responses to Superman: Ultimate Flight

  1. eataduck says:

    ive never been able to ride the superman coaster at any of the six i have no reference. i dont think ive ever rode a lay down one for that matter. it seems exhilarating!! my fave is at six flags in Los angeles the name is deja vu. have you been on it? do you have an opinion on it?

  2. saranader says:

    It is pretty exhilarating. I’ve never been to the six flags in Los Angeles but I have been on a coaster called Deja Vu. Maybe the same one!?

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