Batman: THE RIDE

This ride and I go back a long time.  It’s in Six Flags: Great America which is about an hour out of Chicago.  The first time I encountered this ride, I won’t lie. I was terrified.  I must have been around 7, visiting one of my best friends, Lindsay, when she lived in Cary, Il.  She was cool and I was not and she wanted to go on the coaster and as we discussed before, I was terrified and mostly FOOLISH.  I was PRAYING that we wouldn’t be tall enough to get on it and to my relief, we weren’t.  She was pissed, I was elated. It wasn’t until years later, when I moved to Chicago myself at 21 that a friend from Orlando came to visit me and we went to Six Flags and I got a chance to confront the Dark Knight one more time.

While we’re here, let’s get this straight.  At Great America, there is also a Dark Knight Coaster.  I’m not even going to WASTE an entry on that piece of junk because I have no tolerance for roller-coasters-in-a-box.  Batman: The Ride and The Dark Knight Coaster are NEVER to be mistaken for each other. Moving on.

Batman is a suspended coaster, which we all know is not only my favorite but THE GREATEST.

Six Flags doesn’t waste money on creating a cool, immersive waiting line experience like Universal and Disney do, so let’s just say you wait through a million switch-backs and FINALLY get onto the loading platform. Sick. Strap. In. Standard over-the-shoulder harness and you’re out the gate.  Off the lifthill, making your first left turn you shoot into a single loop and right into a tight corkscrew and back into a single loop. Fun? Yes, sir.  A nice horizontal loop comes next and slingshots you into a wide corkscrew, which leads you into ANOTHER tight corkscrew and that’s the last bit of awesomeness before you reach the brake run.  Let’s just sit and think about that for a second.  Is there anything greater than corkscrews?  BETTER than loops, I say, they’re so tight and fast and make your head spin.  Delicious.

Lot’s of HOLY SHIT’S on this. Hilarious.


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