Rock ‘n Roller Coaster

This. is a quality coaster. The line is always years long, but the first time I went on it, I had the time of my life.  This is located in Disney’s MGM Studios. …Or Hollywood Studios as it is now called. Whatever. It’s still MGM to me.  This is the only roller coaster in the park and it’s also an indoor coaster.  The coaster is based on the work of Aerosmith, quality rock band that is all-encompassing.  It’s pretty easy to like Aerosmith and their music so I get why Disney chose them to base their coaster off of.

Walking up on it, there’s a HUUUUGE guitar outside, which is only the start to the typical musical stereotypes and puns you’re about to experience inside.

So when you walk inside, you wind around “G Force Records”. Heh, very clever.  Actually, there are a lot of cool old microphones, tape machines and audio gear that audio nerds like me are obsessed with.  For me, the waiting line is extremely entertaining.  Before you get out to the loading platform, a certain sized group is forced to watch a screen of Aerosmith inside a control room of a recording studio.  For some reason: a) You are inside the live room….as if you are the musicians and b) Aerosmith is “recording” “Walk This Way”.  So they jabber on about the song, realize there’s PEEEEEOPLE watching and welcome you.  Their “manager” walks in and scolds them for being late for a show and ushers them outside into a limo.  But Aerosmith, being the good guys they are, ask the manager to let the FANS…us…to come with them in a separate limo.  Joe Perry babbles on about how the band feels about their fans and blah dee blah.  He is smokin’ hot though.

I'll take him.

That part is what I believe makes the line so long every time.  Anyway, you get rushed out of there to the loading platform. FINALLY.  The train is classic style, fits two across with an over-the-shoulder harness, which is extremely liberating to your head.  You will NOT be smacking into huge, hard foam harnesses and the seat has two speakers next to your head. Uh…yea, that’s what makes this coaster AMAZINGGG.

So before you take off, you have to sit for what feels like honestly 5 hours watching a screen telling you that there’s congestion on the freeway, and “get ready to merge like you’ve never merged before” and “you’re gonna ROCK ‘N ROLL OUTTA HERE”.  All humorous.  The theme here is you’re driving to Aerosmith’s show and have very little time to get there so you’re taking all these detours and driving all CRAZY because that’s what rock ‘n roll is ABOUT, right?  So, you shoot out, immediately into a loop, which is a pretty big deal.  I’ve never been on an indoor coaster with inversions, so out of the gate I was pumped.  If I’m not mistaken, this is the only Disney coaster with an inversion.  Maybe Everest changed that. I’ll have to check on my facts. ANYWAY.  All the while, Aerosmith songs are playing right next to your head.  We got some “Love in an Elevator”, “Walk this Way” and “Dude Looks like a Lady”.  So while you’re flying through the air, you’re jamming out to awesome music, the first time I rode it I was dancing and singing more than enjoying the track.  You fly by a bunch of goofy road signs, painted with black light paint and you fly through the HOLLYWOOD sign which is entertaining.  Bunches of hills and turns and a slight corkscrew and you end up at CONCERT EVENT PARKING in the VIP section and it’s over.  The track is pretty tame but it’s the buildup, the speed and the music that make this coaster for me.  I’ve waited around 2 hours for this ride and it’s been worth it every time.

This video is a Roller Coaster Tycoon version, which is necessary in this case since the track is almost completely in the dark.  It’s a pretty good rendering though.


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