Ah, Behemoth. A giant, smooth-as-butter coaster located in Canada’s Wonderland.  The theme park is REALLY called that.  A friend and I were in Toronto for work two July’s ago and me being me, I searched out the closest theme park as soon as I got to Toronto.  What I found was Canada’s WONDERLAND. Mwahahaha.  About an hour or so out of Toronto, this park wasn’t bad!  The line for Behemoth was astronomical and while we were waiting we saw the Indian dude from Sum 41. Oh, Canada.  ANYWAY.  This coaster is a floor coaster and the seating is something I had never experienced before.  For one, it seats two across, but the seating is separated so everyone has a decent view.  In the front row of the coaster, two seats are next to each other and the second row the two seats are far apart so you can see around the first row and so on and so forth.  Another revolutionary thing is the lapbars.  Sweet Lord, these things are amazing.  Its a stick that sits between your legs with a hefty amount of plasticy/foam that rests on your lap keeping you secure.  What’s amazing about this lapbar is the freedom you feel when you’re flying down the first drop.

What fun.

It almost doesn’t matter if you’re in front because every row has a good view!  So you strap in, head up the first lifthill, which feels like AGES because this coaster is a monster.  In fact, you can almost measure how high you’re getting because Behemoth is situated next to a huge wooden coaster called The Mighty Canadian Minebuster, the largest wooden coaster in Canada.  As you climb the lifthill, you tower over the Minebuster and start getting nervous.  You got up this lifthill and now you have to get down.  Seeing the first drop seems almost physically impossible.  It looks BEYOND a vertical drop.  But the feeling you get flying down it is bliss.  Back to the genius of the lapbars.  They allow you to lean forward and have it feel EVEN MORE like you’re flying, which is the point, is it not?  This was the first coaster I had experienced this lapbar on and I’ve been hooked ever since.  You’re free to truly put your arms up and lean away from your seat since there’s no shoulder harness stopping you.  So the track is pretty tame, hills, three turns and a bowtie, going back and forth, but the reason this coaster is such a success in my eyes is the sheer size and lapbar technology.  I know I keep yammering about that but it seriously blew my mind.  I don’t know that I would make a trip to Toronto for this coaster, but if you find yourself nearby, definitely make the effort.  It’s like being on top of the world.

Half of this video is going up the lifthill. HAH!


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